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Water Sector

WaterReach is a Not for Profit Company working In Support of UN Sustainable Development Goal No 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

The Clariwash water treatment system comprises a self-washing clarifier and filter system providing drinking water treatment to communities. It is intended for both development and disaster response situations. It is low cost and low maintenance. The backwash system has no moving parts and no power supply requiring no operator intervention to facilitate backwashing. 

A modular version suitable for "self-build" utilising local materials is available and does not require a manufacturing process. Alternatively, units can be arranged to be made in the UK and exported to site/ country required. 

A single ClariWash unit can provide treatment for 500 - 1000 persons at Sphere Handbook requirements of 15 l/ head/ day depending on raw water conditions. Multiple units can be used for larger communities. 

The system is  new technology but laboratory testing has been undertaken and a group of 6 filters have operated in Uganda supplying a community of 800 persons for a period of over 2 years so far since installation automatically backwashing with no intervention, control system or power supply.

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      WaterReach is working with GAIND-UGANDA (a Ugandan not for profit organisation) to provide          communities in Uganda with clean drinking water.

Global Engineering Congress in London to take urgent action on clean water & sanitation 

 "Standing on the shoulders of giants in a rising sea"
 Emma Howard Boyd speech to the Global Engineering Congress London, 24 October 2018​

3 global engineering institutions pledge to work together to achieve the UN SDGs
The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) signed the agreement in London.